Finding a Quality Nursing Home

What To Look For In Quality Florida Nursing Homes

You can reduce the risk of nursing home neglect and abuse by ensuring that your loved one is residing in a quality Florida nursing home. Good-quality nursing homes are more likely to employ conscientious staff, provide proper equipment and services, and have policies and procedures that encourage residents’ well-being while guarding against mistreatment.

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Quality Nursing Homes Have Common Elements

You can look for a variety of things when evaluating whether your loved one is residing in a quality Florida nursing home, adult family-care home, or assisted-living facility. These include:

Proper Florida Nursing Home Facilities

  • A current, valid Florida operating license
  • Medicare and Medicaid certification
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms on every floor
  • An automatic sprinkler system in case of fire
  • Emergency lighting
  • Backup power equipment for use during power outages
  • Handrails in hallways, and grab bars in bathrooms
  • Clearly marked exits that aren’t blocked
  • Bedrooms that open onto a corridor and have windows, as required by law
  • No offensive odors or heavily scented air fresheners intended to mask foul odors
  • Toilet facilities that accommodate walkers and wheelchairs
  • An attractive dining room

Proper Florida Nursing Home Staffing

  • A licensed and qualified facility administrator
  • A good ratio of staff to patients
  • A physician available for residents’ medical emergencies
  • An activities and exercise coordinator
  • Full background checks on all staff members during hiring, along with strict policies on staff members’ interactions with residents

Positive Florida Nursing Home Policies

  • Open visitation privileges for residents, subject to reasonable limits for residents’ security (such as requiring all visitors and caregivers to sign in and out, and controlling public access to the building during late night hours)
  • Policies encouraging residents to spend time in safe areas outside the facility
  • A wide variety of food menus, appetizing food, and opportunities for residents to provide comments and suggestions about meals
  • An active resident participation program or council

A clean and pleasant facility that actively engages residents while attending to their needs doesn’t guarantee that neglect and abuse are absent, but it’s encouraging and a good start.

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