Residents’ Bill of Rights

Chapter 400 of the Florida Statutes contains what is known as the Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights. This was designed to protect the elderly and the handicapped. >>Learn More (Opens new Window to State Website)

Florida Statutes Give All Residents Of A Nursing Home The Right To:

  1. Civil and religious liberties.
  2. Private and uncensored communication.
  3. Reasonable access to health, social and legal services.
  4. Present grievances without fear of reprisal.
  5. Be treated courteously, fairly and with the fullest measure of dignity.
  6. Privacy.
  7. Be transferred or discharged only for medical reasons.
  8. Be free from mental and physical abuse, corporal punishment, seclusion and physical and chemical restraints.
  9. Choose their own physician and be informed of their medical condition and treatment plan.
  10. Receive adequate and appropriate health care, protection and support services.



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