Quality Nursing Homes

Quality Nursing Homes Have …

  • A current state operating license
  • A licensed administrator
  • Medicare and Medicaid certification
  • Open visitation privileges
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms on every floor
  • An automatic sprinkler system
  • Emergency lighting
  • A good staff to patient ratio
  • Handrails in hallways, grab bars in bathrooms
  • Clearly marked exits with unobstructed access
  • Bedrooms that open onto a corridor and have windows (required by law)
  • A physician available for emergencies
  • No offensive odors and no heavily scented sprays to mask foul odors
  • Toilet facilities that accommodate wheelchairs
  • An attractive dining room and appetizing food
  • Residents who look clean and appropriately dressed
  • A policy that encourages residents to go outside
  • An activity room and activities coordinator
  • Friendly, pleasant, caring and available staff
  • A volunteer program
  • An active resident participation program or council



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